Trigger parallels requests in web app


In our web app (v10) we have an AJAX call that returns large response and takes about 15 second. It can be split into smaller parts but I have troubles to trigger that requests simultaneously so data loads in parallel threads. Right now requests are sequential and overall time is larger. 

I've tried implementing as a several hidden buttons that are clicked via JS at some point and makes web blocks visible triggering their preparations. I've expected AJAX requests run in parallel but probably missing something :(

Thanks for any advice. 

Hi Mykola (Nick) Tkachenko,

You could have AJAX requests running in parallel, but there other parts of the application that can be your botleneck. For example, in the case part of your application access the database using sequential requests, and in the end you'll have your requests sequential.

I hope this triggers some ideas, regards!

Hi Mykola (Nick) Tkachenko,

The amount of http request your browser can handle simultaneously is also limited.

BrowserVersion | ConnectionsPerHostname | MaxConnections

  1. Chrome34/32 6 10
  2. IE9 6 35
  3. IE10 8 17
  4. IE11 13 17
  5. Firefox27/26 6 17
  6. Safari7.0.1 6 17
  7. Android4 6 17
  8. ChromeMobile18 6 16
  9. IE Mobile9 6 60

The first value is ConnectionsPerHostname and the second value is MaxConnections.


Note: ConnectionsPerHostname is the maximum number of concurrent http requests that browsers will make to the same domain. To increase the number of concurrent connections, one can host resources (e.g. images) in different domains. However, you cannot exceed MaxConnections, the maximum number of connections a browser will open in total - across all domains.