How can I see which Lifetime version is active?


When creating a support case on there is a question on the LifeTime environment version:

How can I find out for an cloud environment for our customers which version is being active?

I can only find a platform version number in Service Studio, but I don't know how to map that on the options that the support ticket gives me.




You can check how to see all versions (LifeTime, Platform, etc.) following this link:

Hi Tiago,

I know all that, but my point is how do I find out if version is the Sept 2018 or Dec 2018 version as provided in the support ticket dropdown on life time version





Hello Daniel,

I just tried to download both of these Lifetime versions 

Version 11.0.108 is the Release Sep.2018 &  and Version 11.0.303 is Release Dec.2018

Since this is a cloud environment and platform server version is matching with LifeTime setup I think  it is Release Sep.2018


Still I think it would be informative that OutSystems mentions the version number so that we don't have to download to find out.

I have the same problems with Service Center. We are on but I don't know whether this is the Jan.2019 or the Jan.2019 CP1 version. Would be nice to have a table somewhere so I know which releasenotes I should read.