Test Input erased by SS when there are multiple parameters in an Advanced SQL

Test Input erased by Service Studio (SS) when there are multiple parameters in an Advanced SQL

 If I drop a new Advanced SQL in a Screen Action and then add two text parameters, I am unable to enter Test Inputs because after I enter 'abc' and click the field for the next parameter, my input is erased. If I then erase one of the parameters and attempt to enter 'abc' in the remaining Test Input, my entry is maintained. If I then add a second parameter again, the Test Input that had been maintained is erased.

If I add a new parameter while viewing the Test Inputs tab, a row is added to the list, but the name of the parameter is not visible. If I click DONE, then open the Advanced SQL again, the new parameter is shown on the Test Inputs tab.

This happened in SS (Release 8) and SS (Release 10).

I've gotten errors from SS at several steps while editing the Advanced SQL and I've reported each one and restarted as recommended in the SS error message. I've also restarted my PC.

Is this happening to others? If not, I will uninstall and reinstall SS to see if that helps. 

EDIT: If I substitute my test values for the parameters in the SQL, the query produces the expected results. I just can't enter test values in the Test Values tab.


Hey Marcos,

Sorry for the inconvenience, this is something we are aware of and it will probably be fixed on the next Service Studio version.
Thanks a lot for reporting it!