Library edits not updating HTML Code

Hi Guys
 I have a library file which controls my side_nav_bar for my entire site.
 The LBI file is located on the root directory of my website - same place where all my html files are located.
 When I make an edit to my library file, it asks me if I wish to update the files that are linked to it.
 I say yes, and let it do it's thing, but then I notice that the HTML code has not been updated to the linked html pages.
 I have to manually deleted the original library code from the HTML pages, and then drag and drop the library file from my assets folder to force it to link.
 Obviously doing this completely defuncts the purpose of having library files.
 Have I missed a step ? can someone please assist.

Hi Hill,

Are you sure your question is OutSystems-related at all? OutSystems doesn't use LBI files, or have HTML pages (at least, not ones you can edit). Are you sure you're on the right forum?

Interesting, there is a similar question in this web site: 

By a user with a similar name. Someone got mightily confused??