[No Lock-In Tutorial] Unable to obtain the connection string

Hello all,

I'm evaluating the Detach process and have been able to download the tutorial app and open the sources in Visual Studio.

When running I'm getting the "Unable to obtain the connection string. Please run Configuration Tool." error.

I've copied the server's appSettings from both 32 and 64 bits Machine.Config files and pasted it to the respective Machine.config files in my machine (where I'm running Visual Studio).

I've updated the value property in :

  • OutSystems.HubEdition.SQLDBConnectionString (DEFAULT)
  • OutSystems.HubEdition.SQLSessionDBConnectionString (DEFAULT)
  • OutSystems.HubEdition.SQLDBAdminConnectionString (DEFAULT)
  • OutSystems.HubEdition.SQLDBLogConnectionString (DEFAULT)

to the format value="user id=<user>; password=<password>; data source=<server>; initial catalog=<database>;"

Rebooted my machine but I still get the same error.

What am I missing?

Hi Nelson,

Did you change the connection strings in the application-specific configuration? The app configuration is stored in appSettings.config. Check step 7 of "Compiling and Deploying Web applications" in the technote.

Hi João,

I am just trying to run the app from Visual Studio/IIS Express.

I don't have any appSettings.config file.

I have even installed the full IIS on my machine and followed the steps to publish the app to IIS and there's no appSettings.config file there too.

In the IIS deployed app, added the connection information in Web.Config, restarted IIS and still get :

Hi Nelson,

Sorry for taking so long to respond. Could you tell me which OutSystems version are you using?

If you are using OutSystems 11, you need to change the connection strings listed here.

I am using platform 10 ,can you please guide on how to resolve this connection string issue ? 

Hi Nelson, 

Could you kindly share how did you fix it?

I met a same problem wiht you.


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