Get All Element from an HTML Class

Hi all,

I'm using the HTTPGet action from the RichMail extension to get the HTML of a specific URL, but now I want to search in the HTML for a class and get all elements that are inside that class. 

How can I do that? 

Thank you in advance!

Hi Gomes,

You can use regular expression to find all element having specific class. We have an Text extension in Outsystems in which you can find the method Regex_Search , pass your regular expression to this method and it will return you the matching result.



Hi Manuel,

What you are trying resembles a lot like scrapping, therefore I would advise you to use this Forge component.

They provide an extension with actions to make it easy to deep dive in the HTML and fetch objects.

The component also includes a demo where you can see how to use the extension to fetch HTML objects by classes and much more.

Hope it helps.