As the title says. I tried to get count for List_Counter from my aggregate that has 10 records but it returned "Not evaluated" and my counter doesn't work because of this. Any idea why this happens ? All other aggregate i use doesn't return "Not evaluated" value.

This is the example of other aggregate the count works just fine

Hi Billy, I think this happens only at runtime. Can you log or surface this value with using a feedback action? 

Hi Roman,
I used the assign to count and it returns value of -1


Hi Billy,

Did you try to delete the aggregate and create it again? If this doesnt work can you share the module o we can check it?




are you sure you are actually using it in the screen?

If not, then the count-query will not be executed, hence not evaluated

I think it's a viewstate problem. And like J. mentioned if its not being used, it will not be executed since the platform optimizes it.