combine a line graph with a bar chart

I want to make a bar chart combined with a line chart. According to following tutorial this should be possible:

I did exactly as described, but I still get only the bars, not the line (and also not the secondary Y axis on the right. What am I doing wrong ?

I'm expecting to get something like this (bars + line):

in attachment the .oml file containg what I tried so far ...


Hi Tom T,

You can use the advanced JSON parameter to produce more complex high charts.

You can use some online editors like JFiddle (example here) where you can edit and see the result run-time before using the JSON in OutSystems.

You can edit the part below and then use this JSON in your OS application:

You will probably will need to work in your preparation to transform your data into this JSON but after that it should work fine.


João Marques


ok, it works now. I was trying to understand the tutorial which uses 'AdvandedDataSeriesFormat' objects and what not.

But what you are saying is a lot easier: just build the correct JSON string and give it to the graph

for anyone else who also might not know this, you can use 'AdvancedFormat_Init' Server action for this:

thx João!