Execute procedure that returns an Oracle list in outsystems.

Good Morning !

We are having trouble trying to execute an Oracle procedure via SQL Outsystems in which it receives a field as parameter and returns 3 fields being one of them a list.

procedure List
          (pIdSolic in number,
           pType out varchar2,
           pValor out number,
           pList out sys_refcursor) is
   if pIdSolic is not null then
      pType: = 'aa';
      pValue: = 100;
   end if;
    open pList for
      select pIdSolic id_solic,
             'name' name
       from dual to
      where pIdSolic is not null;
end List;

Could someone help?

I already thank you!

Hi Marcus,

It would probably help if you showed what you already tried, and what errors you got.

Also, this topic might help you, or perhaps this one.