Accordion MultipleItems property

I am implementing an Accordion on a list of items, allowing more than one AccordionItem to be created.

I had assumed that setting the MultipleItems property to false would cause the accordion to close the previous item when clicking to open the second item.

However, my accordion keeps them open, unlike all the samples I could find.

How do I make it close the first item when the second is opened?




Hi StephanieG,

Here's the normal behavior of accordion as you can see on the espace attached.

Ref by Marcelo Ferreira



To have that behavior, I have everything cleared like this:

and this:

Hope this can help.

Best regards,


I see what you are saying. But your accordion is manually populated, so you know how many items there are and can do so. However, mine is bound to a list, and it doesn't seem to populate the accordionitems unless I have only one which is associated with a list item (it's a data list, so we don't know how many there will be in total).

What I need is for it to populate from the list, then allow clicking on a second item to close the first.

but when you select the second item, the first stays open

thanks for your help.


Hi, is this resolved? I also have this issue, could you please share your solution if this has been fixed?

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