We have an 8 autocomplete input widgets that are associated with different entities which are part of the table. On Key press we are trying to retrieve the data and bind it to the auto complete drop down. However this process is slow in IE (v11) browser. In Chrome the lag is not seen.

One thing what we had observed is the auto complete jquery is keep on adding "ul" HTML tags whenever a new row is being added in the table grid and this is causing the HTML page DOM to grow.

Kindly suggest .

I don't think anyone can answer this without looking at the actual page that has the issue. How many records are being returned by autocomplete, by the way? If you have hundreds of records being returned, it's normal for the page to get slow especially in an older browser.

That being said, some of the things you said hint that you may be using some questionable UX patterns there (many autocomplete widgets in the same page), so you might want to try making the interactions simpler.


One performance improvement that is normally done in autocomplete is to only get data after having 3 characters this way the options will be a lot less



If it's possible I would consider the option suggested by Marcelo or limit the displayed result set to something relatively small. Rendering long list slows down all browsers, not only IE. 


If you are dealing with large data sets on which you do autocomplete, then have a look at this forge component:


It did solved performance problems we had in a project on autocomplete with large data sets.