Service Studio gets slow in the Expression Window

I'm building a json via the expression window. Reason not using the JSON Serialize tool is that I do not want any properties with default values in the JSON as this will enlarge the payload a lot. 

So I have one (1) Assign tool with 277 lines with a 56 If statements en 69 EncodeJavaScript statements. This is causing the Service Studio to become slow. Adding new data in the window works but there is a noticeable stall in the application. This due to "intellisense" (how does OS call this?) to check if everything is valid.

Of course cutting the file into multiple pieces would be a solution but 277 lines isn't that much so I think a little optimization might do the trick. Not sure if I need to post this here or simply report this to support (as I don't expect an immediate solution, this is just a notification). 


Why is "Serialize default values" set to "no" not enough for you?

besides that, why stuff it into 1 assign?

you can have multiple assigns, this makes it much mor maintainable and clearer?

The Json i'm creating is for an options object for a javascript app. They are using the fact that javascript is not strongly typed (property can be an function, object, boolean, string at the same time) a lot and I therefor need to have a some helper properties to allow the developer take advantage of nearly all options.  So it requires a some work to create the option object. 

I thought of separating the proces but it isn't really that big and to make it more maintainable is to have each option his own assign tool. That results in a lot of those assign tools, not really an improvement.