I have to implement a strange (for me) Asynchronous SOAP communication.

I receave my data thorough a method called ConfigureCOMCompany, but I have to respond thorough another method called ConfigureCOMCompanyCallBack (boath in the same WS).

Now, in OS I exposed and consumed my WS with boath methods and in the ConfigureCOMCompanymethod I call the ConfigureCOMCompanyCallBack method.

The problem is that if i just call the ConfigureCOMCompanymethod, I dont get any response from the ConfigureCOMCompanyCallBack Method, BUT if i call them sepeatrly I get the proper response.

Can anyone help me?


Pedro Almeida

Hello Pedro

We tried a similar solution and get a good response.

when you invoke the service do you get any exception? or the is not even call?

Best Regards