Can you perform a subquery using aggregates? Here are a couple of sample queries.

Select a, b, c, d from Team where Team.ID in (45, 52, 77)

Select a, b, c, d from Team where Team.ID in (Select Team.ID from User join Team where User.ID = CurrentUser)

To accomplish this within an aggregate I would start with source of Team. I assume the subquery, if it can be done, would be in filters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Bill,

No you can't do that with aggregates. You need to use an advance query.



Thanks, Marcelo.

In many cases you can achieve the same result by doing a join between the different entities and using filters as normal but also in the join conditions.


Aggregate has some limitations. For more on SQL, use SQL Advanced.


Hi Bill,

No You cannot perform Sub query on aggregates. But there are 2 ways by which you can achieve the desired o/p.

1. User advance SQL. here you can have sub query feature.

2. create a data list using aggregates and filter the using list_filter action.