Your 2018 Fourth Quarter Ideas Are a Wrap

Hi, everyone.

Here we go again, with an exciting recap of what we have done in the last quarter of 2018. For starters, we released Forge 2.0, the biggest and most anticipated release of the year in terms of community assets.

To transform the Forge into a high-quality and highly collaborative code repository and for that reason, we invested a lot in this revamp. Take a look what we have done

As for the Ideas Board, let's look at what you did in Q4.  


Icon picking in Web application just like the mobile one


This idea was released in OutSystems 11, and Icon picker for the web is now available. It had 69 likes and more than 1,000 views!

Make the ODC presentations available


In November, we had close to 1000 OutSystems Community members participate in the OutSystems Worldwide Developer Conference in Lisbon. Now you can watch all the technical sessions here:


Now, here’s the list of all the ideas we implemented in Q4 by category.

Community Forge


Community Forums

Community Ideas

Service Studio






Look at all the ideas we are currently working on: 

Service Center

  1. Delete Old Versions of eSpaces - Easier Maintenance

Community Forge

  1. Leave the Component Team

  2. Adding a New Forge Component as a Team


  1. Date Picker - Update to Date Range Picker


  1. Custom Scaffolding and Screen Templates

What Can’t Be Done

Sorry, but we can’t implement every idea.

  • Like the Components Without Opening the URL

  • Forge Widgets Browser Support

  • Search Forge by Dependencies

  • Allow Forcing the Application Users to Log Out

  • Allow the Dragging of Multiple Variables to the Same Assign

  • Add Functionality to Export the Deployment Logs After a Solution Publish

  • Forge Should Auto-Upgrade Components

  • Different Icons for OutSystems 10 and 11

  • Support for Non-Blocking IO Operations/Integrations for OutSystems Platform

  • See Warning on Applications with Errors in Service Studio

  • Make Child Structures Public.

  • Automatic Code Alignment

  • Warn When Installing From Service Studio Forge in Production Environment

  • Add the Total Nodes of an Action to the Status Bar in Service Studio

  • Ability to Add New Rules to TrueChange

What's your big idea?


If you've got an idea for OutSystems, please let us know. Thanks, everyone!