Latest stable for your environment cannot be safely installed.

When viewing the list of applications I noticed an alert symbol with a number next to it on the upper right. I love that detecting old versions is easy! 

Upon clicking, I was presented with a list of applications which should be upgraded. After clicking on the first one I got a warning message and I'm not sure what the recommended action is. "Version 3.0.0 was automatically selected as the latest stable for your environment" is shown at the top of the screen but the bottom of the screen indicates: "Application cannot be safely installed in your environment". I'm running environment Version with Service Studio 11.0.207. These messages appear to be in conflict with each other. I'm getting this for OutSystems UI Web (with 1.4.1 was automatically selected), and for DBCleaner.

Should I click Force Install, or do something else first to prepare my environment?

OutSystems UI Web:




I'm forcing installing. Basically the plugin is not yet prepared for OutSystems 11 and it will upgrade the solution to it. For now, everything looks working fine, force installing it.



I did the Force Install.

OutSystems UI Web indicated that it would impact OutSystems Screen Templates Web which indicated: "OutSystems Screen Templates Web is not compatible with the OutSystems UI Web you have currently installed. Please upgrade OutSystems UI Web."

So, following that instruction, I did the Force Install for OutSystems UI Web. 

I don't have an automated way to test my entire UI, but most of the alerts went away. I had 9 alerts and only 2 remain, for DBCleaner and Human Readable Change History. Both indicate "not compatible with your platform version". In the case of DBCleaner, this is a scary message, so I uninstalled DBCleaner.