Is there a way to publish the latest versions of all eSpaces in the Solution automatically? 

I think if I press publish a current running version in this case it'll publish this old one. 

Hello Roman,

As far as I know, In the Solutions page, if you press Publish the current version, it will publish the latest version of all modules in that solution.


Hi Eduardo, I just tried that, It takes the published version, not the latest. 


So far as I know, we don't have that feature. We need to select one by one the version that we want to publish.

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Figured Ricardo. That's unfortunate because we can do it the other way automatically. Like publish an early solution version, but if it wasn't saved before that, the only way to rollback is to do publish everything manually. 


I suggest you to create a new topic in "Ideas" with this content. Maybe it's something that can be done.

Oh! :o I was wrong all this time! :D

Indeed, this is a missing feature. Put the idea and I will mark it right away :)
Because while I never had to do it myself, I know this is very useful.


Sure, I think it'd be useful.

You have my like! I think it's fine!

Mine too :)