Slow reporting schema - exporting to another relational engine?

Hey guru's ... we have millions of records that we would like to report on via dashboards and via a custom reporting tool (created using outsystems of course) that will allow any column to be used as the where and any column to be returned etc.  Sounds cool except that it is not performant. 

Has anyone tried something like this and already learned some lessons they can share?  Should I build an ETL process to move the data to another relational database engine (outside of outsystems) so the reporting speed is acceptable? 

Oh, our environment is in the cloud.  Is the 'fix' just to change from in the cloud to on premise and use beefier servers?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ric.

You can have beefier servers in the cloud. You just have to pay more.

About the performance, the problem is the volume. OS is not optimized to data analysis or super reports and is not meant to be a datawarehouse. It is enough for daly usage, but if you have millions of rows it may start to be an issue. You must compromise the amount of data or the speed. 

Depending on what DB

I would say try and test your queries in a Database IDE tool and see how it performances. If it is also slow there try and created indexes and proper foreign key constraints. And if that is not helping you try something with a third party. I heard does wonders.