Why are there two different fields for Lists in the Combobox?

In the screenshot below, I have selected Source Entity. I want to change it from an Entity to an Aggregate.

To do that, I have to first change Source Entity to None, then I can change the Source Record List to my Aggregate, then selected the attribute, etc, like this:

My question is this: Why are there two different fields for this? It's just a list. Why couldn't I have simply selected GetWhatever.List in the same field as Source Entity? Or rather, why can't OutSystems remove the Source Entity field all together and combine them into the Source Record List drop down?

I want to add an idea for this, but first, I'd like to understand why it is how it is now.

Hi PJ M,

I've understood your point, it would be simpler to have only one field to select from.

But notice, these are not the same objects, in OutSystems language, and could also help to distinguish what we need to select and avoiding errors (when for example having similar names of the aggregates and entities):

  1. Source Record List - Current list of records displayed by the widget.
  2. Source Entity - Data entity to populate the widget.

But once again it would be maybe an improvement.


Hi PJ M,

It's a good point of discussion.

I think that we need to verify what kind of performance improvements we have in both situations and compare.

I don't really know what is append int the "backstage" in this situation, but, I believe, IMHO, that for objectivity, it's better to have it distinct. In case of changes or debugging, for me, it's easiest to have this scenario. But this is just my opinion ;)

Best regards,