Merging of outsystems accounts


I had different user logins to 2 different personal environment and had developed outsystems applications.  After some time i decided to shutdown one personal environment and merge two accounts to one and was able to do it.

After doing that i am not able to see the application developed in another account.  Now it looks like i have lost all the applications developed using another account.

Can you please suggest me how to  retrieve it and reset to my new environment.



Talk to Outsystem support team, they can help you better. There is a small chat window in the right corner

Hi Bhopal Urs,

I'm not sure if by merging your accounts in your profile would fix this (but would be nice to have this). Try to go to your account settings and merge accounts:

Something like:


Hello Bhopal Urs,

I did the same thing almost a year ago. Contact OutSystems Support and explain everything you done. After that ask if it's possible to provide a Solution of all your enviorment (.oap file). They will send it to you in the response for sure. After that you just need to unzip that file and import the application you need to your "new environment. No need for alarm!

Best Regards,

Hi Bhopal,

The e-mail informing you of how to retrieve the apps of the old account is sent to the old account's e-mail address. So if you don't have access to that anymore (a common scenario), you're never informed - an unwanted situation that will be addressed by OutSystems in the future.

Meanwhile, like Tiago wrote, just contact Support, and they will inform you how to retrieve your old apps.