Open in-app URL with POST method

Hey guys,

I need to open an external URL for a responsive site in our mobile application within an iframe.

To date I have not had the need to make this access with the POST method, only GET assigning the values of the variables in the links themselves.

But in a different case, this need appeared to open a link, using the POST method, to assign the values of the link's input parameters in the header, so that this data is stored safely.

This opening should be inside an iframe, so the user has the impression that he is tinkering with the application.

Call to iframe GET:

var iframeGetter = new XMLHttpRequest();
iframeGetter.onload = function () {
    document.getElementsByClassName("internal-frame")[0].setAttribute("src", $parameters.Source);
};"GET", $parameters.Source);
iframeGetter.setRequestHeader("X-CSRFToken", require("Communication").CSRF.getCSRFToken());

Thank you

Eduardo Benites