How to assign values to the attributes on Run Server Action

Hi, I have been told that when required to provide a structured variable, you can expand it and define the values of each individual attribute, instead of creating a variable and an assign just for that. 

How can I do this in practice? I can't find this feature on my eSpace.

Here's an example of that feature in action:

Hi Russel,

You can do that by:

  • hover your mouse pointer on the light blue area left of the input parameter
  • see how a plus sign shows up, click on it to expand the parameter

Once that's done, if the Attribute is not a basic data type, you will be able to further expand it using the same mechanism.

If the Attribute is of a List data type, the plus sign actually adds a List item:

If you click on it once, you will add a record to the list, which you can further expand (in order to fill in its details) by clicking on the plus sign next to [0]. You can also click again on the plus next to the List attribute to add another record to the list: