[Firebase Mobile] Build failing on iOS

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Published on 17 Jul by David Sousa
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Published on 17 Jul by David Sousa


Great work on the plugin!

I'm just starting to use it and things seem to be working fine on Android but the build is failing on iOS with the following message:

Error installing Cordova plugin: cordova-plugin-firebase': Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '/Users/mabs04/NativeBuilder/builds/082135fc-a141-4466-b427-8570f58b8ff1/source/platforms/ios/www/google-services.

Has this happened to you before? Any clue what could be wrong?




Hi Pedro,

Thanks for using our plugin!

Regarding the iOS build, is the GoogleService-Info.plist file placed inside the zip folder as explained in the configuration guide?




I actually though I did :-) but I had forgotten that my iOS identifier was different from the Android one so that part is fixed.

Thanks for the help!

I did just get another build error :(

The following build commands failed:
PhaseScriptExecution Crashlytics /Users/mabs02/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/FKO_2019-futkaxhgbsqpspaojxzfezllccnc/Build/Intermediates.noindex/ArchiveIntermediates/FKO\ 2019/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/FKO\ 2019.build/Release-iphoneos/FKO\ 2019.build/Script-FAC732A9A6D7470582AABC8B.sh
(1 failure)

Any chance you might be familiar with this one?

Thank you again,


Great that you could sort the configuration files step :)

I'm afraid I haven't encountered that error before, which seems related with Crashlytics setup.

I'll investigate what could be causing the issue. Could you please answer some questions?

  1. Are you using other plugins in this app?
  2. Which Platform Server version are you using?

Also, have you tried building the Firebase Mobile sample app?



Thanks for your reply again.

I was starting to suspect compatibility with other plugins could be the case and, after some trial and error, I just got to find out the specific incompatibility was with the Google Analytics plugin which was still being referenced in the app (which is redundant with this one) and the build started working after that.




I've updated the plugin description with known incompatibilities with other plugins.