What happens to SilkUI components when you migrate to OutSystems Web UI

What happens to SilkUI components when you migrate to OutSystems Web UI? Should we delay migration until all of the components we use have migrated? If we are using components based on SilkUI and migrate to OutSystems Web UI, can we expect the user interface of the components to continue to function? It seems that any javascript that depends on class names could break.

Is it ok to mix SilkUI components with OutSystemsUIWeb components on the same page? 

I have been asking myself these same kind of questions as Marcos Galigarcia

I'm counting on the community to shed some light on this matter!

Hi Marcos,

The SilkUI components are now available under the OutSystemsUIWeb / OutSystemsUIMobile modules.




Found the below link in OutSystems documentation


In the rationale section there are references stating 

  • If you want to use OutSystems Web UI Framework for the web applications created in Silk UI Web, you need to manually migrate your web applications to the new UI framework.

 This indicates that you cannot mix both the frameworks in Web 

  • You can continue developing apps created in Silk UI Mobile with OutSystems Mobile UI Framework without any changes to the apps.

For mobile it appears it is possible to mix both the frameworks. 

Followup question: 

Since it seems Silk UI and OutSystems Web UI cannot be mixed on the same page, how can we quickly determine which OutSystems 11 components have migrated to OutSystems Web UI?

Is there a faster way than opening each one in Service Studio or in the Forge and checking the dependencies?

@João, Those are the matching patterns in OutSystemsUIWeb. According to Migrating the structure of the Silk web applications to OutSystems UI, each corresponding SilkUI pattern would need to be replaced with these. SilkUI components won't automatically use these. 

It still seems that placing a component with SilkUI dependencies on an OutSystemsUIWeb Web Screen would be likely to have unintended side-effects. In this case, the base theme of the screen would have been changed from something like LisbonTheme to OutSystemsUIWeb/BaseTheme, so the resulting CSS might not work as intended by the component developer.