Input parameter is not updating in Popup

Platform version: OutSystems 10

So here is my scenario:

I am saving a JSON to the database which returns an identifier(GUID) and assign it to my local variable. That local variable is being used to pass to a web block. This Web block contains a Table records and contains links (Edit/Delete) with Popup. I am using the GUID variable that was passed by the parent form to the web block to the parameter of my links (Edit / Delete).  

In the Popup page, I am receiving the GUID correctly and I can perform the operation that I was intended to do. After saving the Popup and refreshing the data in the parent screen I again save the JSON and returns an identifier and assign it to my local variable and performing AJAX refresh of the web block to ensure that i get the latest GUID to be pass to my popups.

Now here is the problem, If I open the popup again, the GUID I'am receiving is not the latest but the previous GUID which means that when I Deserialize it, I am not getting the updated data.

Not really sure what to do now.

Hi amfufutm,

Can you share the sample oml. which can reproduce the same issue.




Nevermind, I was able to solve my problem by using the AJAX refresh of my Add button.