Hi, I'm new to outsystems, and I need help with fullcalendar 2.I have seen the examples of the forum, but it has nothing clear of how to insert in a project.How do I send data from a base to the display?If you have any existing tutorials and you can pass me.


Looks like a fairly complex app. 

Regarding your question on  "it has nothing clear of how to insert in a project"

  1. Download oap and install in your server
  2. Use it as a dependency to your project.
  3. It has a Module called FullCalenderScreenTemplets
  4. This Module has a UI Flow called ScreenTampletes which you can take a look at how they have Implemented
  5. You can Reuse this screens or use similar logic within the screens to build your custom screen. I can see some of the screen using the Inbuilt database and Inbuilt RestApi to get things done.

I would say you might have to take a look at the Documentation as how the calendar Functionally works




Perfect, now I have a good base for continuity.Thank you!