Upload multiple photos like facebook style on outsystems mobile app

Hi all,

Can I check with you if anyone knows how to develop a mobile app page that can upload multiple photos and show like facebook post?

Is there any tutorial that can guide me in doing this?

Please advice or help.

Thanks in advance.


Since I never used Facebook to share photos myself (so I could be entirely wrong) I can imaging that they allow you to snap a photo and then show that photo in a small container. Then they allow you to shoot a new photo and add that to a new container next to the previous one. 

This should be simple to do I think. Just use the client actions to take a photo to initiate the action. Store the photo in a binary list. Then use the List component together with an Image component to display the contents of the binary list (make use of the Ajax Refresh tool). When the user want to upload all photos simply call an Server Action/REST Api to upload the foto's and store it. 

I would also shrink the photo before uploading it. It's usecase driven ofcourse but I don't see the practical requirement for a 4-8MP photo when 2.1MP will suffice for most (Full-HD).

As for storing the photo, I would recommend not to upload them in the database. Make use of Azure Storage Accounts or AWS S3 storage as storage in that is cheaper then database storage. There are forge components available for those 2.