I don`t have autocomplete widgets ,how can I config or import?

I don`t have autocomplete widgets ,how can I config or import?

Hi Jack,

Right-mouse click on RichWidgets and select "Manage Dependencies..."



Hi Jack,

Check your dependencies for Rich widgets, by following steps :

1. Click button manage dependencies on top left side of canvas, or simply ctrl + Q
2. Select rich widget on the left section of pop-up window, on right section tick Input_autocomplete under Rich Widget -> UI Flow -> RichWidget. Then under server action (still on right secton) tick all action that used for autocomplete (getindetifier, showlist and focus invalid)
3. Click OK

You'll see the auto complete widget will appear. 

Refer an input id for this web block, and use showlist inside on notify action to show all records that match criteria.

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Lennart Kraak,Hendra !

Now It has , but how to configure the "destination" , can you give me a sample?

Hi Jack,

If you have a Details screen with a Form that includes a dropdown, try to drag-and-drop the Input_AutoComplete widget right next to it, you should see the cursor icon change to have an extra star, and it should transform the dropdown into an Input widget and add the required logic to implement auto-complete... you can then use that as an example for your implementation. 


Hi Jack,

Set an action for destination of input_autocomplete.
You can query to entity with filter value based on value in the input.

This is an example of destination to get Country name form Country table

As you see from above picture, inside action we create an aggregate to search a country with name like "%" + CountryName + "%". CountryName is a variable for the input.
After that, the result of that aggregate used in showlist action. Map the aggregate result value to list entry. 

Input widget id in showlist action means the id of your input that used an autocomplete value.
Label means the text that you need to show. Don't forget to map the id too, because it will used when the input value is saved.

Good luck!


Hi ,

Click on the manage dependencies and search for autocomplete and make sure the check box next to it is ticked.

Refer the screenshot.

Hope this helps you!