API Parameter descriptions not visible

We are using OS10.

We are creating an API to gather some data from other systems. For the integration team we want to use Swagger (usable by default) for the API documentation.

We are running into the problem that we can't get the description of the Parameters visible. We are filling in the description field of the property in the API itself but this Text isn't show in the swagger page. 

Does anyone need a solution or should we need to contact Support for this?

Hi Vincent,

This is a bug indeed. The descrtiptions of the API and Method do come through, but only the parameter descriptions are not shown.

I've asked OutSystems R&D to check this issue, but you could also report this issue to OutSystems Support and then you´ll be updated if/when the problem is solved.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hi Remco,

Thanks for the verification. I have create ticket 2120137 for this. 

Kind Regards,

Vincent Koning