Upload excel file, bootstrap and delete it without using any extra AO's

Title pretty much sums it up

I would like to have the upload widget in the page with a button, as soon as the user upload the excel and clicks the button, the action bootstraps the data from the excel into the DB and removes the excel, how can I achieve that? 

Bare in mind I'm limited in application objects so creating a new entity for the excel would not help,

Thanks in advance!


You can save the excel to a specific folder on the file system and make the timer integrate and then delete the files on that specific folder. Then, if the excel files are big and take a long time to run, you can code the timer to work for like 9 minutes and then regenerate the excel without the lines that were already processed and save it again on the file system before the timer times out and finally restarting the timer. When the timer restarts, the timer would just pick up the excel where it left because every processed line is not there anymore.

Does this help you?

But bear in mind that this is a dirty solution to avoid spending Application Objects. Ideally you need log tables, temporary tables and a scheduling wrapper for the timer; but then again, that costs AO's you cannot afford.