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Published on 1 Apr by Experts
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Published on 1 Apr by Experts

Hi All, 

I am using FileViewer plugin to open PDF in mobile  am getting below error.

any one have idea or can i get Sample Application for opening PDF in Mobile ?

I am getting error " following errors have occurred:• In Android on 2019-01-20 at 00:41:59 - Error installing Cordova plugin: cordova-plugin-android-native-pdfviewer."

please anyone have idea, why this error i am getting?



Hi, not sure about your error, but you can try to get more details by looking at the logs: 

Roman Tkachenko,

Thanks for you Reply but I am unable to generate the Native key due to above error. that icon is not showing for me.

i am new in Mobile  development please guide me 



Have you configured your android build properly? If so, log file should be available. Is the app building without File Viewer Plugin? 



Check the plugin version on Forge and verify if you are using the most updated version on your enviroment.

You can check too on Extensibility Configuration on Plugin File Viewer Application:


HI Roman Tkachenko, Leandro Correa

Thanks for you help. the issue was with the version. now its resolved!


Can you please provide a sample working oml file since you were able to solve it.

 I want to use this plugin to view pdf in the local storage.