Hi there,

Just to inform, for the advance query, the following syntax is still working:

select q.[col1], q.col1

from {entity}



select col1, col2

from table_name

) q

I underlined that 

# for subquery, the table name is also acceptable, in lieu to the entityname.

# the column selected is optionally put in bracket.



Hi "Random Walk",

How is that messy syntax?...

SQL has support for aliases and so does the platform. Aliases do not require {} or [] around them as they will not need to be translated into a proper database name.

Your inner query, on the other hand, seems to be using table names and column names, which you wouldn't know at design-time so be very careful going around using them... publishing to another environment could lead to your SQL query to break. The same goes for attribute names that come from Entities as well, not placing [] around them can lead to unwanted results, as the name of the column is not guaranteed to be the name of the attribute, and if it is not... your SQL query will break.