[Silk UI Web] UI Carousel
Forge component by OutSystems R&D

I'm new here and during my Mobile Dev - Tutorial i had some difficulty working with the carousel widget.

My problem was that i can't display all of my images content besides the first one. Knowing that they was there because all of the dots i take this issue to one of my co-workers, he found a solution. It seems that the "List group" widget has a default style class that prevents the app display all of my images.

I don't know how this may be useful to others members but it seems fair to share this solution with all.

TY @MiguelAntunes

Carousel WidgetTree.PNG


Hi Rúben,

Are you using the latest version of OutSystems UI Mobile? In Version 2.0.4 we released a fix for that issue


That's true my UI Mobile was only updated to 2.0.1.

Thank you for the heads up! 

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