Can we develop desktop application in OutSystems

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Can we develop desktop application with the help of Outsystems?


Manish Pandey

Hi Manish Pandey,

No. Using OutSystems you can only develop web desktop but also web/native mobile. (Edited)

I'd suggest you to take a look in the possibilities of OutSystems here:


Hi Manish,

No you can't. Outsystems only can be used for web and mobile applications.




You cannot build desktop applications. If you are evaluating OutSystems platform and its capabilities. 

Check out the below link. 



Hi Amal and Marcelo,

Noted,Thanks for your prompt reply.

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Manish Pandey

Windows Desktop Apps is a No, But

There might be a possibility if your PC is running Android that's targeted for PC like Android x86 or Remix Os.

and You build a Offline Android App in Outsystems. It may work

Note : This is only a Theory and Needs to be Tested.