Customization of multi selection

Hi All ,

I have to implement the above functionality in my screen 

I am using refrering this for multiselection ,but how i can add button in this like for Apply filter and Reset  which is showing in image 

can anyone give me idea how i can do this?



Hello A.

Sorry, but I just simply can't understand nor what you are trying to achieve, not what is the problem.
Could you be more specific?

Maybe put an image of what you want to achieve and explain in more detail what is the problem you are having to achieve that?


Hi Eduardo Jauch,

I have upload the image but its not getting visible here .

HI Eduardo Jauch,

Requirement is - i have to achieve multi selection list box with Checkbox  which is match with the forge component( i also wanted to add buttons like( Apply filters,Reset)  in list i can do this ?

Please find the Attachment.


Hi A.

If the component does not provide it, you can't do this with it.

One option is to clone the component and change it yourself so that it will be like you wanna it.
Other possibilities seem to me too complex, error-prone and low maintainable to even try.