Boolean Data representation on a Records Table


I have a question.

Whenever I want to show boolean values on a Records Table it shows only

"False" or "True" 

However, I would like to make a change in that representation.

Whenever the boolean value is True I want it to show X

Whenever the boolean value is False I want it to show null

Is it possible? 

I'm a newbie.

Thank You



Hi Nuno,

Yes it is. You just need to drag the If Widget to the cell, set as the condition the Boolean, and then on the True and False branch, you place whatever you want (Text or image) for the case the value is True or False, respectively.

Here is the example for your scenario:




Problem Solved

Thank You so much!


I am glad it solved!

You're welcome :)

Easy score Joao :-) 

Maybe following the online coarse would be a good thing to start for Nuno :-)