How to change templates of an existing application

Hi Team.

I would like to change templates of an existing application from SideMenu to TopMenu.

Can I pick a template again?

Please someone tell me how to do that.

Hi Yasu,

Go to the dependencies select whatever template you want and change the screen layout to the current template.

Hope it will give you some idea,



Hi Pankaj

Thank you for your reply. I have understood.

If possible, I would like to change templates by "Pick a template screen".

Is it passibly?



Hi Yasufumi,

It is not possible to change the template once you have already used it to create a Web Responsive module and published it.

It is possible to change the Theme you are currently using on your UI Flow or Module, along with the Layout block used to generate new screens (but this requires you to edit every existing screen already created and change the Layout web block to the new one, otherwise you will have screens with the old layout and screens with the new layout).

It is not possible to use the "Pick a template" screen after creating your Application, and changing the theme/layout is a manual process.

Hi Jorge

I've understood. I will try a manual process.

Thank you for helping me.