Hi, I'm new here, and learn outsystems not long.

I have two questions.


I have a input widget which Input_type is time on a screen, i want to refresh the widget content by time, as dynamically change the time the widget show.   How to do with this problem?


I have a list to show the data from local database, swipe to left to delete the item. If online, i just delete the data in local database and delete the data in database, it worked. But if i'm off line, i first delete the data in local database and set a flag to delete  when online to delete the data in database, it not worked.(Just like the ToDos example "SyncStatus: Added Updated")


1) You can set up a javascript timer which would do that for you. Please check out the following article https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Extensibility_and_Integration/JavaScript/Extend_Your_Mobile_App_Using_JavaScript

2) You need to implement the DataSync logic and make sure your OfflineDataSync action is firing when needed. https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Developing_an_Application/Use_Data/Offline/Implementing_Offline_Sync

Hi yongjin li,

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Your first question requires some coding, I think there is no component yet, to do what you want. I'd suggest first to take a look into the following conversation, maybe there is an answer or directions to what you need to do:


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