Refresh widget by time

Hi, I'm new here, and learn outsystems not long.

I have two questions.


I have a input widget which Input_type is time on a screen, i want to refresh the widget content by time, as dynamically change the time the widget show.   How to do with this problem?


I have a list to show the data from local database, swipe to left to delete the item. If online, i just delete the data in local database and delete the data in database, it worked. But if i'm off line, i first delete the data in local database and set a flag to delete  when online to delete the data in database, it not worked.(Just like the ToDos example "SyncStatus: Added Updated")


1) You can set up a javascript timer which would do that for you. Please check out the following article

2) You need to implement the DataSync logic and make sure your OfflineDataSync action is firing when needed.

Hi yongjin li,

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Your first question requires some coding, I think there is no component yet, to do what you want. I'd suggest first to take a look into the following conversation, maybe there is an answer or directions to what you need to do:

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