A working example for Multiple File Upload (Web)

Dear Outsystems Developers,

I need to upload multiple files in a web page. The 'Multiple File Upload' component (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/200/) on the Forge does the same. However, I am unable to replicate this, as to how to successfully save these files on to a entity (Ex: Attachments). These attachment files are in turn associated to another entity (Ex: Applicant). 

Can anyone help me with a sample simple OML for multiple files upload pls?

With Regards,



Hi Smitha

You can download the sample in  attachment.

Hope this can help.

Give me feedback please.



I added a few extra components the Multiupload to help

You can download the attachment.


Dear Tiago,

Thanks a lot for taking out your time and doing this.

With Best Regards,


Hi Tiago/Smitha,

Managed to launch the sample module, but testing on this web screen file upload is not successful.


Please open up the attachment to understand more.

I had already tried in  all browsers edge/IE/chrome.

 Please help i am a newbie. thanks.