Mobile iOS Password Manager Issue

We ran into a bug on our login form of our mobile application.  On iOS if a user uses the built in iOS password manager the form will populate but not the variables.  For example, if a user taps the Username field, selects the credentials from the password manager, the screen appears to populate the form with the correct information but the password variable will be blank.  Same is true if you tap in the password field first and select the credentials the user name variable will be blank.  It seems that when populating the form whatever event that fires to populate the variable isnt happening. I can only get the variable to populate if i tap the field to activate the keyboard and add a char. Has anyone else ran into this problem?

I was able to create a work around by invoking some javascript on login to pull the values from the form if they happen to be blank.

Even though this works I feel that something else needs updated as the variable should be populated automatically.