It seems to be no permission on C:\Program File\OutSystems\Platform Server directory.

Check premissions and try to publish again.


Maycon Silva

Probably Admin rights issue to  the Program Files folder.

Do you have Admin rights on this Machine ? Facing same issue from a Different Machine ?

Hi Jack Bao,

This problem, doesn't have to be due to the fact that it doesn't have administration permissions, it's IIS user rights.

Talk with you SysAdmin... To check your IIS policy.

Best Regards 


Hi Jack,

Is this error happened suddently or firsttime publish the eSpace having this erro?

if its suddently happened then try restart your Service Studio, if still happens try recycle app pool. mostly this will solve this issue.

if its a first time check for permission as Maycon and Coder told.




happen suddently ,how to recycle app pool ?

thank you Balu

Is it on a OutSystems Cloud environment or On Premise?

Hi Joao,

on premise

Since it's On Premise a possible cause can also be antivirus interfering. Ensure that your installation is following the infraestructure best practices regarding antivirus and that at least the Platform Server folders are excluded.

If that doesn't solve it for yo, you can either recycle the pool like it was suggested by openning the IIS Manager, in the Application Pools list select the OutSystemsApplications and click the "Recycle" link on the right side pane.

João Rosado