oslog_extension is filling up

Recently I got mails that my database is running full. A bit strange since I don't store that much data so I investigate the issue. I opened DBCleaner to get a quick look at what is going on and I noticed that there are 3 logs that are extremely big (for a personal environment). 

After reading the documentation about the oslog_extensions tables I tried to open them in Service Studio to see what component is spamming this table. I have at lease one API that is called every 10 sec (trial for my "smart meter" (slimmer meter for the dutch among us) at home) to store data in the db. This data is then aggregated and no longer needed date is deleted.  But I suspected this API and I wanted to see if I could either remove the entries via Service Studio orso. But to my suprise I can't reference this table. 

Does anyone know a solution to my problem? I need one quick because I suspect Outsystems will close my PE sooner then later :(

Hi Vincent,

Did you try this other component.



Hi Marcelo,

I installed this component (very nice!) and cleaned out the tables. But although the report now shows that both tables are empty the space isn't freed. This could be a backup issue though so I will wait a few days and check if anything changed.