Forge updates in service studio showing components you published

The little bell in the right hand corner of service studio that shows updates are available on the forge also shows for components that you have just published. Are people just downloading their own components after update to make this alert go away?  

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the heads-up. This seems like undesirable behaviour, I'll try to pass it on to OutSystems.

Paul & Kilian,

Although I understand your point... I'm not sure how that can be easily determined, unless uploading a forge component was done from within Service Studio: as far as I know, version information is not part of the OAP so there's no simple way of determining that your local version is the same version as the one on the Forge (it won't be, at most it will be a modified version of the previous component version) nor that it has the same content (unless you download the new version of the forge component behind the scenes and run it through the merge algorithm to detect differences). Food for thought... 

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the feedback!

That totally makes sense, but as Jorge was saying currently we have some technical limitations to solve this since the publish is done in Forge and it is very hard to understand that the version being uploaded is the same you have locally. This will probably be fixed in the future when we start allowing developers to publish their applications to Forge directly inside Service Studio.