I'm currently developing using OutSystem 10.

Basically i have created a web block that consist of a link and popup_editor. The reason behind having a web block in this case is so that for each link in the record list, there will be the same popup_editor once the link is clicked. Once the popup_editor has been filled with data, a button that has a server action will save the data in a session. For different links, the popup_editor will ask for the same data (2 combo box, 3 textbox). 

The scenario that i want to achieve is once the data is saved and user decides to click on the other link, the popup_editor should display the session data in the 2 combo boxes and 3 textbox. So question is, how do i display existing data in the combo boxes and text boxes in a popup_editor (either data is in local variable or session)?

Thanks in advance. Hope the given scenario is clear enough.

Hello Jermysen,

Did you finished the online training? If not, please, finish it as it will help you with those things.

Sorry, but what you want is a little confusing for me.

1. There is no need to use a web block just to have a popup editor. A link and the popup editor put directly in the Table/Record will open the same Popup.

2. Using Session Variables to store complex data is a terrible idea, as this can have a huge impact on performance and possibly prevent your application to scale. Even worse if you need to keep "multiple records".

If what you want is to keep the form in the popup pre-filled with the last data entered by the user, I understand, but probably are other ways of doing it. For example, if you jeep data only if it was saved, you can always fetch the last record of this user from database in the popup preparation.

3. So, no matter the source of the existing data, if the popup has a form, you can fill the form by filling the source. When the form is built, it will use the data from the source to fill its own record.