Display 2 attributes of the same entity in the same combo box/list box.


I'm currently developing using OutSystem 10.

I have compiled an excel file and bootstrap the data into an entity called CountryCode which contains 3 attributes namely CountryName, CountryCode, and PhoneCode.

For now i'm using a combo box and realised that only one attribute can be displayed at one time. Is there any possible way to display two different attributes in a combo box? if not, is there any other widget that can be used to achieve this? e.g. the combo box (or other widget) should display CountryName and PhoneCode when user clicks on the combo box. After selecting one choice, only PhoneCode should be displayed (and the country's icon if possible).

Thanks in advance, I hope the scenario and question given is clear.


If you create an aggregate to fetch data, you can create a calculated column that append both attributes, like name + " (" + phoneCode + ")"

In the combo box, you can chose the output list of the aggregate as source record list, and the new attribute (calculated column) as the attribute to show in the list.

But this is what will be shown when selected in the combo.

So, no way to show something different with default combo box I think.

You could do something like using superposition, so you show an expression plus the image and when click on it you show a combo and when you select you show the new country and image, for example.

Maybe you can find something ready in forge, but I don't know if it exists.


This worked great for me Eduardo, thanks!

You're welcome, Paul :)