Ading a public role in a module, cause outdated reference in consumer modul


I have a problem with consumer modules getting outdated due to a new role defined in a producer module that they do not use.

Initial situation:

Module ROLES with 2 public roles Manager and Employee.

Module EMPLOYEE with reference to ROLES.Employee role.

Module MANAGER with reference to ROLES.Manager role.


Adding public role Ceo to module Roles

Creating CEO module with reference to ROLES.Ceo

Why in the above situation are the modules EMPLOYEE and MANAGER outdated? Is it wrong for me to think that OutSystems should see that the change did not influence the initial situation? Could the roles not be implemented as weak depencenies as done with screens, entities and structures in version 11?




Hi Daniël,

By adding a new public role, the interface of the module was changed. You always get a warning that consumers might be out of date when publishing this producer. It's a warning to notify you of the fact that the consumers use another version of your producer than the latest version. It won't cause any broken references, and your application will keep working.



Hi Lennart,

Yes I know, how it is. Maybe i didn't write my question more clearly. I am just wondering why it is a hard dependency and not a weak dependency. 

OutSystems is lately trying to improve the dependency management and making OutSystems smarter and smarter so that depencendies are outdated less or break less.

Maybe here there is some room for improvement too, In a large application portfolio it is nice to centralise all the roles, but this cause a lot of outdated consumer modules as soon as a role is added.

I will post it as an idea.

Anyhow, you did answer the question, so I marked it as solution.