Hello Everyone,

I'm creating a new mobile plugin using cordova. The plugin is from a git repository : "https://github.com/NeutrinosPlatform/cordova-plugin-mobile-ocr.git" as shown below.

I inserted the code that connects the module to the Cordova plugin into a JavaScript element as shown below.

I published the module and used it as a dependency in another module in an application.

When I test that plugin on the application using OutSystems now, the following error appears:

"Can't find variable: textocr".

note: I'm using service studio version

I hope someone could help

Thanks in advance.


Hi Abdulrahman Abdallah Mahmoud,

In order to use plugins that are not part of the default OutSystems Now application (the list can be found here), you will need to generate a native application and install it on your device. Some more information about Mobile plugins can be found on the previous section of the same document, in particular this snippet is relevant here:

Each time you add, remove, or modify the plugin in an app, OutSystems rebuilds the native shell which you then have to distribute to the end-users for installation.