Hello Good Afternoon,

While developing a new impersonification feature, we encountered an issue which afterwards we could replicate. The steps to do so are the following:

1- Copy the atributes of a table (this table must be imported via Integration Studio)

2- Create a new table in a Espace, and then copy the atributes coppied in step 1, and make the table public

3- Rename one of the attributes from the table table of step 2

4- Publish the Espace

5- Create a new espace which consumes the table created in step 2, and publish it

6- Refresh the references of the espace used in step 5.

7- Use the view data option on the entity after the Espace has been published

As you can see in the picture bellow the aggregate returns the error that the column does not exist, whereas in the original Espace the data could be viewed. This would be "fine" if the table could still be used in a runtime opperation, which it can't.

For reference this re-created in the Java Stack with version 10.0  with an Oracle database.

Please tell me if there is something wrong which you need clarification with.

Best Regards

Hello Paulo.

I can reproduce the error on OS11 using SQL Server. I'll pass this to the OS Team.


As a workaround, if you publish the entity before changing the attribute name's, and then change and publish again, the error does not happen (at least in OS11).

Hey Eduardo,

Thanks for the quick reply, if you need any additional information please let me know.

As for the workaround, I made a quick test and it does also work. I wonder what's happening under the hood for this behaviour to happen.

Best Regards,


Without really knowing, I would say that the new name is being used in the table, but not being updated in the metadata in the system entities. 


Hi Paulo,

There is currently a known issue related with what you describe. For now, I recommend not copy/pasting any entities or attributes from extensions.

I'll forward this to the responsable team.


João Rosado