I am looking for a solution for a special case. Please help me with your answers, suggestions and directions.

We have distributed production environment where outsystems installed 500+ prod servers. At the moment these 500+ servers are not connected thru lifetime. Hence the deployment of outsystems application is not happening thru outsystem's way (not thru lifetime). We are using some custom application to send OSP file to all 500+ servers and triggering installation. But this is not so effective, as the custom application is not reliable. So I am looking for standard solution from outsystem for this situation. I understood that the outsystems lifetime can't able to connect more than 20 environments. 

Is there any other standard solution available to manage deployments in distributed environment of 500+ servers?

Is there new features on lifetime coming up to handle this situation? 

Please help

Do you have 500+ ENVIRONMENTS or 500+ SERVERS?

Totally different things, and it isn't clear which you mean in this post.


Hi Arunkumar,

Am I correct in my understanding that you are talking about 500 different and independent Environments (each with a different Serial Number) on the same Infrastructure? I've never even heard of such thing, I'm curious what's the rationale of having 500 independent Production Environments?

If on the other hand you are talking about having 500 different servers all under a single Serial Number (a single Environment with 500 front-end servers), then you can configure that single Environment in LifeTime. Deploying an application to that Environment would make it available in all 500 servers without any further work from your part needed.

Maybe an architectural overview would help us understand. I’m struggling to figure out a case where you would have so many environments or even servers,

Hi Arunkumar Balu,

There is no OutSystems out-of-the-box solution.

I have build a custom solution for a client that also has 500+ environments. I'll send you a PM to discuss this problem further.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga