Setting my textbox with RichWidgets/Input_Calendar via Javascript

Hi Guys,

I have an AG Grid with column filter enabled. This column consist of date so obviously, need a datepicker as a column filter. How can I add the RichWidgets\Input_Calendar to my column filter which is a textbox via javascript?

Thanks in advance.

Hi "amfufutm amfufutm",

Questions related to Forge components should be placed on that Forge component's Support page. That will increase the visibility of the post to the right people: the developer team and the people interested in the component.

I'm not sure how (or if) AG Grid can interact directly with Input_Calendar, but you can use AG Grid native features to support a date picker. Find an example of a datepicker at AG Grid's documentation. I don't know if the Forge component supports doing this or not, as I have never used it.

Hi Jorge Martins,

Thank you for moving the post on the correct category. Do you know what datepicker is the Input_Calendar widget?


Hi amfufutm, 

As Jorge stated on his answer, you should look on the documentation of AG Grid. It also has an example of the code you should use in this case.

When I created this wrapper of AG-Grid I didn't have that type of need, so didn't implemented that. The (good) documentation of AG Grid is for sure the best place for you to look for it's particularities.